BARRY LEBIN - bass guitar

Barry has been with the band for 15 years and is married to the perfect woman (Barry is married to Kim & Gary’s daughter!) Barry lives in Greensburg where his commitment to the band equals his commitment to his family! His solid bass playing is the foundation of every song and Barry says he truly enjoys every Warriors Rck concert!

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and our Veteran Organizations!

BILL HOLT - saxophone

Bill "Saxyjaws" Holt has been with the band for almost six years and gets satisfaction performing the Warriors Rock Concerts for our veterans and their families! Bill is an Air Force Veteran who lives in Pgh and while stationed in Japan at Yakota Air Base, performed in Tokyo and other cities with various rock/jazz bands. Bill reminds everyone to "Aim High".

MARK SMITH - drummer

Mark is from Charleroi and been a member of the band for 12 years. He has been playing in bands since he was in high school and says he LOVES playing for the Veterans! Mark teaches drum, passing on is talents to the youth of today! Mark's children & grandchildren also are a major part of his life!

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Maria has been with studio e for 2 years and is from Pittsburgh.  She also has a great passion for performing and especially enjoys performing in concert with Warriors Rock concerts. She shares with us how she "loves to meet and sing for the Veterans at every show!"

CRAIG DAVIS - keyboards

Keyboardist Craig Davis has been a part of Gary’s studio e team for 3 years now- and Craig believes this band to be the best professional production band in the country. "Not only does the band absolutely crush every song, they can perform any song in any style, from Sinatra to Bruno Mars! .... And they're good people too!" He is currently on the piano faculty of Point Park University. Craig received a huge compliment from Tony Bennett in 2010 when the legendary singer told a NYC audience "This is the best pianist I've ever heard." Craig loves the tribute concert to our Veterans and looks forward to many, many more!

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Bob "Crafty" Crafton - steel guitar

You can see Crafty playing on many of the country stages in the tri state area...and his steel guitar is a big compliment to the sounds of the band!

SHAUN BELL-trumpet

Shaun is the bands trumpet player (and sometimes adds his voice on a song or two!) and was also a veteran having served with the Air Force and he played in the Air Force band!  Needless to say, Shaun has a place in his heart for the Warriors Rock concerts! Shaun is from Pittsburgh, where he serves as a Pastor! (Thank you for your service Shaun!)

BILLY HARTUNG - vocalist and acoustic guitar

Billy has been a featured singer and musician with Gary Racan & the studio-e band for over a decade.  As an entertainer, Billy has enjoyed a 25 year career involving Broadway, Off-Broadway, films, television, and regional theatres throughout the country.

Career highlights: Filming the Academy Award winning movie musical “CHICAGO” (Miramax), The 75th Annual Academy Awards (ABC), and the Kennedy Center Honors (CBS), and over 1000 performances on the Broadway stage to his credit.

Billy is PROUD to share the stage with Gary Racan and the studio-e band this evening with the true stars of the concert, our VETERANS!  "I am HONORED to play MUSIC requested by OUR service men and women of all ages, from all genres. The soundtrack that got our VETERANS through their many deployments is INSPIRING.  As I have shared in many of these concerts these men and women spent 4 years or more serving our country -- in tribute to them, I can certainly spend 4 hours rehearsing and preparing musical material to bring their songs to life on stage before you this evening. I will indeed raise my VOICE in support of - and appreciation for …their SERVICE to the USA! Warriors ROCK...and WITH- and - for THEM --- WE WILL!

His Favorite Leading Lady: his wife Sharon and his Favorite Role: Being a 'Daaadddy'

GEORGE LISAC- percussionist

George is from Uniontown and was a graduate of West Virginia University where he was percussion major. He has been in the music business for over 30 years including recording with MCA record group The Zippers. George became a part of the Gary Racan team over a year ago, where he also loves performing at the WARRIORS ROCK concerts!

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HERBERT HILL- trombone

Herb is the trombone player, who also adds his vocals for a song or 2! Herb truly enjoys all the shows Gary & studio e band do- but LOVES the WR concerts- where he says every concert just renews your patriotism! He is a transplant to Pittsburgh, having moved there from Charlotte, NC


Babe has been a vocalist with Gary & the band for 5 years now.  Gary and Babe actually go back to their early years, knowing and singing together since High School at Mt Pleasant! Babe adds his soulful voice to the stage and says he LOVES performing for the great audiences at the concerts!


John Parrendo is a Professional country rock violinist, with a classical background and has toured with Blackhawk (2002-04) & Chris Cagle (2006-09). John has either backed up, or jammed with: Charlie Daniels, Brad Paisley, Eddy Arnold, The Outlaws, Ray Price, Tracy Byrd, Matraca Berg, Travis Tritt, Wayne Hart, Ronnie Milsap, Dusty Drake, Andy Gibson, Irene Kelley, Johnny Rodriguez, Billy Greer of Kansas, Pam Tillis, Wayne Newton & Bobby Vinton.  John loves performing with Gary & studio e band- esp at the WARRIORS ROCK concerts!