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Kimberly Racan began her entrepreneurial endeavors as not only the owner of a health and fitness business, but also its fitness coach. Kim joined forces with Dr. Christine O’Brien who was practicing preventive medicine and they created a program called “The Well Being” which was the 90’s predecessor to today’s Dr. Oz. 

Kim & her husband Gary, who was then singing with the fabulous Vogues (who had 14 charted hits!) together made life changing decisions... Gary to leave The Vogues and form his own band and Kim to sell her fitness business. She and Gary created the studio e band... a 15 piece band comprised of 6 front vocalists, 4 horn players, keys, rhythm, and percussion sections. The group performs at private events nationally and is considered one of the top private bands in the country!

Kim’s partner in studio e is dynamic event planner Bonnie Walker (Bonnie Walker Events) and together they manage studio e entertainment a boutique company. 

Based on the success and growth of the Gary & his studio e band, Gary & Kim decided to use their synergy to produce a concert called WARRIORS ROCK, a musical tribute concert dedicated to our nations Veterans. Since Kim & Gary are involved in the music industry and realize that music is a common thread woven into the fabric of all people, this concert was a given! Members of their audiences are comprised of all ages and demographics and the music of the concerts is diverse, like their audience! Music is from all the decades, all genres for all ages- while paying tribute to Veterans from that particular city! Thus, Warriors Rock foundation was created- to unite people through music. The sole purpose of this organization is to raise funds for America’s veterans through a series of concerts throughout the country by giving 100% of tickets sales to various Veterans groups or even a Veteran from the town in need!

Kimberly Racan

Thank you for helping our Veterans

and our Veteran Organizations!