Gary Racan

Gary Racan our Leader/Producer with a voice that you will never forget! Gary has mesmerized audiences since his career with the international recording group the Vogues!!! Whether he sings Journey, Sinatra or Bruno Mars, Gary’s voice is pure magic! He produces the studio e band with a few simple philosophies: to reproduce songs like the artists people want to hear, not the bands interpretation of a song and to present the music in a scripted night that leaves guests in awe of “the best band they have ever heard!”

“My father was a Marine and growing up with him not only made you a very disciplined child but it made you appreciate the Military and what they did and continue to do for our freedoms! WARRIORS ROCK is a concert that Kim & I are very proud of using our music to pay tribute to Veterans in a unique production that audiences love. We will continue these shows for years to come!”