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Heartwarming Veteran Stories - Baby Colton's Mom Sends a Thank You Letter

     My name is Hannah Brown.  I am a proud wife of an amazing, hardworking, strong veteran, Matt Brown. We have two kids a 5 year old daughter, Alayna, and a 2 year son, Colton, who lives with a neuromuscular disease, SMA (Spinal Muscular Atrophy) type 1.  SMA is a debilitating disease that robs kids from moving, eating, breathing, and even smiling. Colton has been receiving treatment for 5 months and can wiggle his fingers, toes and arms.

     Kim & Gary Racan founded Warriors Rock along with Bonnie Walker.  As you may know Warriors Rock is known for helping Veterans in need and helping Veteran Organizations.  In September of 2015, my husband Matt Brown and I won the Warriors Rock wedding contest at the Hotel Monaco, that Kim and Bonnie had worked on for years!  Kim and Gary along with studio e band performed at our special day.  It was absolutely stunning and they are nothing but wonderful performers, artist, and most of all amazing people.

     Recently, Matt and I needed a ramp completed for Colton who spends all of his time flat on his back because he is unable to hold his head or sit up without choking.  Kim heard and saw what I had to go through to get Colton in and out of the house and she said, "[she] couldn't believe it” and that “Warriors Rock wanted to help get this ramp done for Colton."  I was amazed that she said they would help and donate funds, time, and people to do the job.

     With the help of getting materials we needed, Gary, Michael, (Gary & Kim's son) Kris Kulak who owns Bolder Landscape, OC Cluss Lumber/Building Supply, Style-Rite, Racan Construction, individual donors, friends and family worked together to complete the ramp for Colton.

     We couldn't be more thankful for the wonderful people God has put into our life.  I am amazed of how generous and kind Gary & Kim have been through our journey and couldn't be more blessed.  I am so fortunate to know such amazing people who are more than founders of Warriors Rock, they have become amazing friends, who always support our family.  What they do as an organization is amazing.

     They have helped so many vets and the stories they share.  It's so heartwarming to know there's a foundation that helps individuals that have served our country in need.  Not only do they help Veterans, they have gone above and beyond for our medically fragile handicapped son.  For that I'm so grateful and blessed.

     Thank you again for everything!  

     Matt, Hannah, Alayna, and Colton.  😘