What Our Supporters Say About Us

We attended your warrior concert in Greensburg Pennsylvania on June 9. Dottie had told us how great you were at a wedding she attended and after seeing, hearing and enjoying your show as much as we did, we couldn’t have been more pleased with the performance you gave. You were all energetic, and completely professional entertainers. The musicians were fantastic and the songs chosen to honor the various veterans, touched our hearts and made us feel proud. Your tribute to all the veterans in the audience give us a feeling of such patriotism and Bill is proud to say that he joined in your tribute. Thank you for doing this for our veterans, it gives us a good feeling to know that we helped in some small way to honor them.​

Diana Staffen

After meeting Kim and Gary Racan I became a true believer in the Warriors Rock Foundation. Kim and Gary are honoring their father’s service to our nation by giving of their time, talents and resources to honor our veterans via the music that inspired each of them while serving in our military. Kim, a highly successful business woman, and Gary, who lead the Vogues for 16 years with 14 top of the charts hits, have dedicated themselves to restoring patriotism and a love of America by playing music that is inspirational, evokes mountains of emotion and has audiences literally dancing in the aisles. Laughter, tears and love were evident during their wonderful performance in Venice, Florida. I am not only a fan, I believe what they are doing is making tens thousands of Americans understand the true sacrifices that our men and women who served made to keep us all free. It is their music that tells their story. The Warriors Rock concert is more, much more than the sum of its many beautiful parts. It leaves those who watch and listen to Gary’s E Studio Band renewed and truly inspired. The concert is a gift to America.

Richard M. Swier

A superb performance at Connellsville High School back in November 2016. A wonderful evening.

Frank Lacava

As time races by us and patriotism wanes, take a moment in your lives and be enriched with the TRUE spirit of American sacrifices for freedom through the amazing performance of a Warriors Rock concert! This musical extravaganza covers the stories of local veterans honored and remembered by the songs they carried with them as they served our country. They stepped forward for us and now it is time to step forward for them to be recognized as The TRUE American Hero. No other musical performance can match this extraordinary event that you can be a part of in this American musical celebration of Freedom!

Captain James Kyle

My impression of the Warriors Rock Concert: JOYFUL….watching a young Veteran with PTSD dance with his 3 year old daughter on stage and sing out loud…. amazed by the power of music….humbled to see how much we can help each other.

Marlene Cavicchio

I was first impressed by the fact that Kim and Gary Racan and the Studio E Band, would make the huge commitment, with Warrior’s Rock, to present such a wonderful tribute to our Veterans. They put together an outstanding group of entertainers who enthusiastically, and tirelessly, performed in an extremely professional manner. In addition, as a Veteran, I was proud to be part of it. It showed great respect. Thank you, Kim and Gary!

Bill from Indiana, PA

What a FABULOUS SHOW you and Gary gave yesterday (2/18/2018) at the Venice Performing Arts Center….FIRST CLASS! You had us all rockin’ and we loved every single song and moment. Dr. Richard Swier was a great emcee and I wanted very much to give you a big hug and a bouquet of roses. Seriously Kim, never did I expect it to be so spectacular. You were right…..it was AMAZING! Gary and you must tour the country with this show. We who saw you will help get the word out. Thank you over and over again…. 🙂

Beth Colvin

Amazing performance at Forest Hills High School in Sidman, PA! I took my mom to celebrate her birthday. She said it was, “the best birthday gift ever!” Thanks for saluting our military and sharing your musical talent! Hoping you come back again next year!

Cindy Podrebarac Wicks‎ to Warriors Rock

Wow! If you haven’t attended a Warriors Rock tribute by Gary Racan & studio e band, you need to put it on your bucket list! It is a fantastic concert that honors true American heroes: our men and women of the armed forces. Spend an evening with world-class musicians playing songs from numerous genres. They recognize our veterans and active-duty military who have or are about to lay their lives on the line for the America we enjoy. I can’t say enough about these phenomenal patriotic artists! Come to a Warriors Rock concert, and thank a veteran as you hear his or her unique story in dealing with the physical and emotional challenges of keeping America the “land of the free.”

Col. Douglas R. Lengenfelder

Gary Racan and The Studio E Band rocked the house tonight at their Warriors Rock concert. The band performs these concerts all around with proceeds going to help veterans, some of whom were there to share their story. At the end of the concert the entire place sang “Proud to be an American” while some of the veterans joined the band to sing on stage. Loved it!

Senator Kim Ward, PA

Took in the Connellsville show Saturday. It was terrific. Gary Racan and the Studio E band have some endurance — nearly 3 1/2 hours of high-quality high-energy musical entertainment. These people are real pros. And beyond the music, the group honored veterans – including several from the Connellsville area. In doing so, it helped to raise money for the CASH Patriots and the Connellsville Area High School Junior Reserve Officer Training Corps. Since 9/11, the Patriots have se…nt countless care packages to U.S. military personnel overseas. When its leader, retired teacher Linda Shearer, and the students get money, they use it wisely and for great causes. I am proud to say Warriors Rock front man Gary Racan and another member of the group, Babe Wilson – the original and only Baby Eagle – are graduates of my alma mater, Mt. Pleasant Area High School. These are talented guys. Do not miss a chance to attend a Warriors Rock concert, which will include both oldies, contemporary music and everything in between. It will be a great evening out and worth much more than the price of admission. Rock on, Warriors!

Joseph Abramwitz

I have attended two WARRIORS ROCK concerts by Gary Racan & studio e band. These concerts are an outstanding tribute and fundraiser for such a worthy cause. The wounded Vets tell the audience their stories and determined efforts to overcome their physical and emotional wounds. Gary and the band are wonderful entertainers and put their talents to great use to raise funds and entertain grateful audiences.

Stuart Hoffman

The Warriors Rock Concert on 7 April in Westhampton Beach NY was an exceptional event. The team honored many local veterans by giving them a forum to tell their story! Each video showed how our veteran neighbors sacrificed and supported our country, often at their own expense and their families expense. Gary and the rest of the band showed an amazing range. You touched every generation from the high school students to the WWII veterans. Amazing! From Unchained Meleody, to The Lion Sleeps tonight to God Bless The USA by Greenwood, you hit all the musical notes, providing a night of tribute and respect of our Veterans. I want many more fellow Americans to get the opportunity to see such a great band giving back to our country.

Tom Richards. RDML USN SEAL (Ret)