UPDATE: We love what we do! When Marine Veteran William Kilgore taped his interview for our WARRIORS ROCK concert, he left deep in thought of the story he brought back to life: being in the hotel in Beirut when a car bomb crashed into it- killing 241 sleeping Marines. On his way home from that taping, he wrecked his car into the back of a truck, demolishing it. When we heard about it, and knowing Bill lives on a limited income – we jumped on the chance to make sure Bill got a car- and here he is proudly standing by his new car!! (Thank you Judy for your help ~ she knows who she is!) …..and we will continue to help a Veteran in any way we can!!!

Bill Kilgore, whose story is seen in the following video- came to record his interview for one of our concerts and on his way home, he wrecked his car- thinking about the story he had just told made him not pay attention to a truck stopped in front of him! WARRIORS ROCK to the rescue!!! We have a great donor from our audience who is giving Bill a car- he will be receiving it on August 15- we will post pictures soon! This is the impact that WARRIORS ROCK leaves on people- it’s all about helping out in times of need!